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Preschool and Day Care Service in Tucson, Arizona

Infant Care


(2 weeks to 12 months): Leaving your little one at a child care center at an early age can be difficult for a new parent. Because of this, our team offers an open door policy in which you can come to the day care center at any time during your child’s stay with us to spend time with him/her. We provide formula and baby food at no extra charge, and we welcome special requests.

Toddler Care


(1-2 years): Our toddler programs include age appropriate activities and play to enhance your child’s imagination and development. Our current activities include story time, singing, dancing, arts and crafts, and outdoor play to promote muscle development.

Preschool Enrollment


In order for a child to be enrolled, parents will need to bring in their most recent shot records and fill out a packet that includes the enrollment form, a food affidavit for any allergies the child might have, you must read the handbook that has all of our policies in it, and fill out a form that informs us how you would want us to handle any emergencies.

About The Children's Center

Our caring staff is inspired by helping young and growing minds shape before our eyes. Taking in new students from infants to children up to six years of age, we help nurture the creativity of your youngster’s mind.

Very few nursery schools accept infants 2 weeks old – a year old. The Children’s Center knows that it is hard parting with your bundle of joy at such a tender age. For that reason, we give you no hoops to jump through, affordable pricing and have an Open Door Policy which allows you to come in and spend time with your child. On top of allowing you complete access to your child at any time, we also record daily activities - information and give the report to you, the parent; at the end of every day spent with us.

Baby food and formula is provided at no extra cost.

Toddlers are an equally core part of our structure. Our toddler program includes age appropriate games and activities to keep your child’s fingers busy and their mind happy. Children are sponges that absorb much of everything they experience. For that reason we have a unique and vibrant center that is meant to spark curiosity as well as boost imagination.

  • Affordable
  • High Quality
  • Fully Insured
  • Preschool Level 1 (Age 2-3)
  • Preschool Level 2 (Ages 3-4)
  • And More ...


Preschool Level One (2-3 years): As one of the most advanced preschools in the area, The Children's Center provides support to the development of your growing child. Activities include painting, coloring, blocks, puzzles, math, dancing, and indoor and outdoor play to promote fine and large motor skills.

Preschool Level Two (3 years and up): With this program at our child care center, children are taught new skills by actually doing them. They construct their own knowledge through their own hands by taking on new opportunities to try new things, make discoveries, and solve problems.

Preschool Classes

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